have the coil packing machine


Innovative style with linear 4-details fixation and dual-leading shafts make the coil packing machine more stable

Hydraulic system adopts shipped in multilayer oils securing, rich in-securing overall performance and seldom oils leakage trend

Embrace consistency converter, electronic digital exhibit for that speed, that is precise and power-preserving

Different varieties of dispersing and mixing agitators are suitable and optional for a number of production requirements

Genaral sort(YT) and blast-evidence kind(EX) could fulfill the demand of various manufacturing environment

With hydraulic picking up system, the machine could be arbitrary in picking up

Appropriate for size continuous manufacturing, reduce labour intensity and improve production effectiveness

Turbo and vortex guide wheel device is provided to accomplish 360° rotation inside the higher part of thecoil packaging machine

Personalized principal shaft could be vacillated towards the in, left and right the middle during mixing and dispersing method, which create unparalleled vortex and contains far better influence on mixing, dispersing and cutting

Extensively utilized in various substance businesses like petrochemical, ink, mining, pharmacy and paints paper-producing, meals for dispersing and mixing, which is appropriate for mass production

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