horizontal stretch wrapping system for max pallet protection

orbital stretch wrapper

Stretch wrapping machine 6 sides packing
Orion Packaging presents its new AXIS horizontal stretch wrapping system for max pallet protection and security. AXIS is applicable film for all half a dozen sides of any pallet in numerous, consumerdefined designs to provide greater fill strengthening or best protection from environmental exposure.

AXIS combines the strong points of Orion’s MA-DX and orbital, precision engagement ring wrapping machines to supply a flexible, easy-to-use, sturdy remedy. AXIS allows several consumerdescribed place patterns which includes combinations of roped film and flat webs to offer the best possible strength and pallet coverage. AXIS is great for consumers looking for a high worth option to steel and poly strapping or perhaps a answer for transport and storage in undesirable problems.

The AXIS is equipped with Orion’s market top pre-stretch film shipping program, InstaThread, which precisely elongates stretch film approximately 260Percent before being covered on the fill. InstaThread characteristics an extremelydelicate corner compensation system to ensure that film stress around the entire weight is steady for better fill stability and economy. Orion supports its business leading pre-stretch program having a life-time warranty on pre-stretch rollers.

Automated, weightyduty conveyors transport the pallet with the AXIS system starting with the top efficiency MA-DX built with a 30- InstaThread film carriage. The MA-DX is applicable film to 4 ends of the load in any mixture of solid ropes or total webs. The load then moves through the AXIS orbital machine to complete wrapping on all six ends. The AXIS orbital wrapper uses two 20- InstaThread film carriages to apply film and includes an 80-in . diamond ring to accommodate big pallets. AXIS orbital film carriages can also be set to utilize any combination of place and roping designs.

AXIS manages plenty up to 4,500 pounds and offers approximately 50-75 loads per hour. For increased relieve-of-use, Orion AXIS includes a powerful PLC control with a digital Human being Machine User interface, lowerservicing Air conditioning motors, and Group 2 safety methods.

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