How can you see packaging

Jucha: I would personally enjoy in the ability to hold a position of a packaging executive (in the advertising field much more then this specialized region) major corporation such as Dow PepsiCo and Chemical to list a few…

What is the specific area/industry you’d like to focus on?

Jucha: Within the packaging industry I would like to focus on the marketing discipline more so than the technical side because I truly enjoy communicating with internal employees, external employers and society at large in regards to propositions, recent inventions and concepts that reach individual’s at the most basic level.

Right after hearing Denise Lefebvre (PepsiCo) and Elisabeth Comere (Tetrapak) speak about the importance of environmentally friendly measures at the Worldwide Beverage and Food Packaging Summit it inspired me to make sure that in the future I aspire to enforce and promote environment initiatives and technologies to concentrate on consumer markets.

Any guidance for other prospective pupils who are thinking about an training in coil packaging technology?

Jucha: Because the responses and events that are required of packaging employees cannot be learned sitting in a classroom, the first piece of advice is really to strive to get experience within the packaging industry. Also, it is essential for students to build up experience with the extensive regions of packaging to determine which self-discipline she or he will most enjoy and after that adhere to that occupation.

It is imperative to develop strong connections and networks within the packaging field because it is such as diverse industry that having friends in various regions can always help to better understand the entire umbrella that is packaging furthermore.

How do you see packaging technology evolving over the next few years?

Jucha: In the future, I see packages more and more functional and accommodating for getting older generations, particularly baby boomers. Whether it be the physical design or the chemical composition of the product’s materials be more convenient and practical for that target consumer population, as the health of many members within this generation decline and begin to develop health problems such as arthritis it is essential that packaging products.

Additionally, I anticipate seeing a surge in interest in travel-size packages that are due to the trending busy atmosphere individuals are experiencing. These smaller allocated deals may well be more handy for consumer’s daily regimens simply because they will do not have the time and hassle needed of portioning family sized containers and products utilized during the day.

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