manufactured items and extra Stretch wrapper packaging

The Linkx Shrink Wrap Machine – Stand alone or incorporate

A Linkx Shrink Wrapping Machine can be either semi-automatic which require manual loading, or can form part of a fully automatic end of the line packing system. The machines can be developed as stand alone units to cover goods by hand packed into hand and trays nourished. Or, in the case of the totally automatic model, to be installed with an automatic collating system to deal with unsupported products.

Merging the shrink cover machine having a Linkx dish erector and launching method, or Linkx tray wraparound program, will provide you with a completely auto, shelf-ready packaging answer. Add-on a Linkx palletiser as well as an automated stretch wrapper and you will have a complete conclusion of line program. Items on at a single end, complete transit ready pallets in the other.

, Reward.Optimise and Upgrade

The Shrink wrappers are UK built and designed for 24/7 operation in lightweight areas. The low-end machines can run trayed and secure unsupported tubs, bottles, bags, aerosols, products and cartons to mention but a few. Update to some fully automated machine with collators to accommodate the item to become run, feed the merchandise to us over a conveyor and the machine will take it from there. If required, the entry level machines are pneumatic but can be upgraded to full servo systems for increased flexibility, control and speed with automatic size changing.

The servo systems could be tailored to operate each shrink and stretch film. With a easy flick of the move it is possible to change from a shrink twisted bulls eyesight sleeve, to a stretch covered package thus lowering heat usage. Either way, the shrink tunnels are very efficient with electronic digital temperatures and speed manage to ensure a top quality cover each and every time.

Automatic film splice can be added within either a space saving system. Alternatively, a new easy thread option with retractable cradle rollers. Other available choices are usually product particular and may consist of, indexing units, competition monitors, scrolls, legend tires,tierers and dividers, drinking water cooled guides, pack coolers, expanded tunnels and aerosol basic safety specs.

The modular stretch machine design and style can be set up to perform fully covered wraps with area closed ends, since the Binders style shrink wrapper, or as hand bags both shrink wrapped or just film overwrapped being a weather proof safety case for B2C dispatch methods. The bagging choice may be set or random dimensions fed to suit your specific specifications.

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