Our first report in packaging

GSG, is actually a New York-centered imaginative creation organization whose “Camera to Consumer” professional services incorporate stretch wrapper packaging and creation consolidation, technology and consulting, and artistic studio solutions, over all medias and all geographies. 90 percent of GSG’s clients are company users, almost all of that are within the trend and sweetness, cosmetic, and prescription drug industries.

On its website, GSG describes alone as “a very folks-centric business with a powerful give attention to customer service.” Why do one CPG customer lately contact and curse out GSG co-founder and President Ken Madsen? The outburst was induced by way of a photo Madsen had brought to the customer of merely one of their store Put exhibits-in their extremely early on concept levels, a drawing really-sitting after an aisle at CVS. As Madsen recalls, “She called me immediately and was extremely upset. She said to me, ‘First of all the, you built the show; you weren’t supposed to do that. And you place it in the shop? Have you been folks from your brain! I am getting fired.’”

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But her job was secure, and thus was GSG. The Put exhibit was not real, plus it was not actually being placed in the neighborhood CVS. Utilizing Business, a collection of software program equipment for 3 dimensional stretch wrapper packaging style and visualization from Esko-Graphics, Madsen had transformed the client’s 2D idea into a “hyper-realistic” 3 dimensional image, that he then essentially situated at the end of an aisle in a nearby CVS store utilizing his Augment’s and iPad augmented fact technologies, and then took a photo of.


“Once she learned it had been all online, she came flying down to our studios,” claims Madsen. “I demonstrated her whatever we got done, and she was only blown away.”

The application form above is simply one example of how GSG is using Studio to assist its customers perform their stretch wrapper packaging design principles in such a way that improve partnership, facilitate more powerful models, decrease time and energy to market, and save charges. The more GSG uses Studio, the more it uncovers new and exciting ways to leverage the technology, according to Madsen.