Overall strength coil packaging machine

Program: Machines within this series are suitable for stripping of reel-form supplies such as BOPP, PE, PVC and PET aluminum foil, and papers

Features :

1. They are up-right stripping coil packaging machine .

2. Impartial microcomputer manage display screen, producing effortless operation.

3. Magnet powder control for tension of reeling and unreeling.

4. Car metering with materials running, auto photoelectric error correction for unreeling.

5. Built with area waste scrap atmosphere-coming sending or reeling devices.

6. Dual-atmosphere puffiness shaft smooth, level and reeling conclusion encounter splitting.

7. Disc blade add-ons should be selected for splitting aluminium foil and paper.

Principal Specialized Variables:

Size of width: 700mm

Unwinding diameter: φ600mm

rewinding diameter : 400mm

Slitting and rewinding velocity requirements: 20-700mm

Slitting and rewinding velocity: 10-160meter/minutes

Problem correction precision: -2mm

excess weight: 1900kg

General measurements(L×W×H): 1200x1900x1270mm


PET slitting machine is for slitting coil packaging machine is mainiy employed for slitting rolied matenals like CPE, PET, BOPP and CPP etc

Overall performance And Features:

This machine is a great devices which can be suitable for cutting all sorts of reel materialsof stamping laminating film, laminating Al film, like PET, BOPP and PVC, etc.

This coil packaging machine features with brought in Panasonic consistency converter, winding withmagnetic powder tension control, photoelectricity LPC auto deflection-rectifying, presetting countertop and automatic stop.

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