packaging machine is fit for producing

This packaging machine is go well with for making doing film, it really is popular for electric pieces, electric battery and so forth.


It Is Actually WINDELY Useful For Electric powered PARTS AND Battery power,And so on

our packaging machine is customerized creating, so pl notify us more info as below

1 the base fabric

2 the width

3 unwinding and rewinding dia

4 coating materials

5 just how much gram of stick covered on each square of basic substance

6 home heating technique

7 layer speed

The dual covering dried up laminating packaging machine is produced with worldwide superior finish technologies built-in using our years of experience in production finish machine, it is appropriate for manufacturing papers, craft document and so on,. fabric laminating and 2 clours stamping ,BOPPPETaluminum film, daiamid and many others,. laminating , which may have the characteristic of higher durability water-resistant, fuel-confirmation, freezeability, boilability .and so on,.broadly use for food items ,treatment and product and so forth, delicate foil packaging.

MAIN Specifications:



operating size


size of curler


work velocity


machine rate


DIA of relax


DIA of rewind


heating system technique

electrical power home heating

Machine body weight


general sizing


Operate ANH Persona:

1. Primary shift struction: Air conditioning converter controller, gelatinize curler and popular drum use oscillating left arm controll in-period.

2. Relax : two portion of de-stress shaft, one station, magnetic control, taper tension control, EPC edge modification.

3.Produce: use anastatic stamping,accomplish two color range stamping

4.Oven composition: cooker in arch bridge both sides open up the entrance sort ,with separate four -section sort continuous temp control,each segment use Aptitude heat controlle,drying program employing steel warming hose as well as heating system blowing wind, along with adjustable internal blood circulation air flow system .

5.Gelatinize composition: vein curler use doctor blade,t adhesive hickness physician blade can

cost-free variable, click roller accomplished by pneumatic, free of charge adapt air tension, fasten dish mechanize handbook handle

6. Rewind: vector converter for rewind motorist.

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