PLC with individual-stretch wrapper machine

it’s appropriate for puffed foods,potato nick,dumpling,rice dumpling,seed,washing natural powder,green tea powder and so forth.

The key performance:

The pc manage product is employed in the Shipped in PLC with human-stretch wrapper machine user interface; touch-screen is simple and direct-viewing in operation;

exact placing with servo film carrying program; excellent total machine performance and good packing;

reduce the reduction with complete automated alert security work;

backed with metric product, the machine will automatically complete all packaging operations from determining,feeding and filling, case ma

The form of case making: According to customers requirements the machine can make pillow-type bag and standing bag.

This machine widely used to pack milksoybean milksaucevinegaryellow wineall type of beverage with film. The entire method can be carried out automatically, including ultra-violet sterilizationbag figurationdate printingquantitative fillingenvelopingcuttingcounting, and so on. The temperature of heat-closing is handled immediately,

the production is beauty and fastness, the machine adopts stainless-steel casing, and the sanitation is certain.

securing, three-part sealing, several-area securing packing approach

The packing adjustment and data could be shown on screen. The user can immediately run it into it.

Designed with a photoelectric control to make sure that its packing bag styles are perfect.

It can immediately complete making-sealing, counting, filling, metering, cutting, printing and bag set quantity.

The body and also the elements coming in contact with the fabric are made of stainless steel.

Appropriate Material

It really is applicable for stretch wrapping machine packing foodstuff, chemical and medicine market powder.

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