Robotic Palletisers are really worth how much they weigh

The Linkx Lightweight Gantry and Automatic Palletisers are really worth their weight in golden. Little footprint, inexpensive, substantial specs, quick payback.

The Linkx Small Gantry Palletiser was created to fulfill contemporary creation environments in which space is a constraint and the necessity for potential long term expansion is really a thing to consider.

Lightweight, quick, versatile

When picking a palletiser method, the pallet pattern, item type, product orientation, product speed and system design, will be factors needing attention to fit the applying.

The bottom model is made to accommodate as much as 15 movements per minute. The merchandise could be picked out in multiples to obtain the necessary palletisation rates of speed only according to the pallet pattern. The fundamental gripper will certainly be a clamping, spinning method, along with other grippers can be purchased depending on the item kind.

High requirements, modular, upgradable

The palletiser machine’s modular development will allow you to get started with a small cell which can be unloaded and loaded using a basic pallet vehicle. This system could be put into later on, with conveyors, coating pallet and pad dispensers as needed and eventually, automatic stretch wrapping.

Pallet routine computer software permits customers to easily configure their particular pallet designs.

High reliability

The palletiser method is Great britain designed and built for 24/7 working environments, with complete analytical method and Ethernet connectivity for remote help as standard.

Robotic Palletiser

Dependable, Flexible, Cost-effective.

The Linkx Systems Robot Palletiser uses efficient KUKA robot cells to do nearly every palletising method. Via our relationship with KUKA we blend our innovative engineering with KUKA’s expertise to create palletising programs which can be adaptable, affordable and reliable. Our robot palletisers can raise and manoeuvre up to 1000kg of product with similar speed and precision as a 1kg item, without reducing on the accuracy and reliability in the movement.

The different finish-of-arm-tooling designs, or end effectors, enable a simple alter above of palletising patterns, and numerous coating configurations. The safe robotic cell and safety guards decrease the potential risk of accidents and human error maximising overall performance. Our Robotic palletisers can fill both Chep and Euro pallets making it an excellent incorporated solution.

When you get a palletiser that is Automatic, you’ll find it hypnotic!

Features and Benefits

Compact design for small footprint production environments.

Inexpensive, high specification modular building for future pallet and layer pad automation.

Hirel elements from Rockwell / Siemens / Kuka partnership.

quick and Simple dimensions alter facility for quicker set up times.

Easy, crystal clear controls for ease of operator use and reduced down time.

Very clear defend sections for easy creation safety and monitoring.


Item infeed conveyors

Pallet conveyors

Layer pad store

Pallet shop

Rockwell / Siemens regulates

Lower roof capacity

Gripper and conclusion effector variations

Technical Specs – Foundation Product

Pace: Approximately 15 motions per minute

Axis: 3 or 4 axis of accuracy servo action

Pallet dimensions:

Euro 800 millimeters x 1200 mm

Chep 1000 mm by 1200 millimeters

Fifty percent Pallets

Packed Pallet elevation: Up to 1800mm standard (Including pallet)

Machine size:

Item Infeed – 500mm to 1500mm

Pallet Outfeed – Floor to 600mm

Z Axis optimum elevation – To support a typical Filled pallet elevation of 1800mm

Firm – Highest elevation – 4200mm Pallet outfeed elevation

Telescopic with Pallet Elevate – Optimum elevation – 3200mm Pallet outfeed size

Strength: 380-460V or – ten percent, 3 stage Natural and Earth – 8KW

Atmosphere Supply: 5.5 Bar (80 Psi) – 20 to 100l/minutes depending on finish effector selection

Internet Excess weight: 1000kg

Particular elements: Rockwell Regulates (Allen Bradley), SMC Pneumatics

Shade: RAL 7035 Greyish

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