Servo engine Horizonta wrapping packing machine

1.Auto Sleeve Sort Shrinking Wrapper

2.With CE Certificate

3.Multi-file format functionality is available on ask for

Sleeve stretch Wrapper Application:

Auto itemsfeeding and counting, arranging fomat, sealing and diminishing.

Sleeve Wrapper Features:

1. AC travel electric motor with regularity inverter for stepless velocity control.

2. PID automated checking manage for heating system temperature.

3. Giving, Counting, rolling film, sealing, shrinking and cooling inside a whole method.

4. Multi-structure work is accessible on demand.

5. Option: Teflon net conveyor to create the travel a lot more stable.

6. For PE, Pvc material, POF Diminishing film.

7. Coupling PE shrink tunnel Appropriate-6040PE or APT-8040PE can be obtained after request.

Auto L-sealer and tunnel combination style,really lightweight,conserve space.

– Only one 220V,1 phase electric powered plug,save installation price

– All-in-one 5.7 inch shade touch screen PLC management,simple to use.

– Selection of vertical or hotizontal-sort photocell indicator to match different merchandise size and thickness.

– Well balanced heating factors (with individual temperatures regulation)

– Belt speed changeable

– Piece counter,set creation environment possible

– Contra–Sticky Teflon coated closing blade guarantee neat and organization seal without smoke cigarettes toxins.

– Selected electrical and pneumatic elements from reliable global manufacturer

– Regular with kissing buckle, able to handle small and not smooth base prodcut

– Capable of pack individual or numerous offers

– Sophisticated pin perforation gadget

– Machine built with safety clear hood around the sealer and security-defend in the rewinder

– Shrink tunnel adopts sophisticated heater financial institution and adjustable high-speed blower to understand re-going around hot air,reduce the home heating-up time as well as reduce the warmth dropped to make sure best shrink performacne

– Shrink tunnel woth normal live roller with silicon silicone

– Auotmatic turn off work can automated turn off the power once the tunnel temperatures falls under 70°C

– Conform to CE legislation

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