stretch Packing Machine for Multiple goods

Machine Intro

ThisAutomatic Toilet Papers stretch Packing Machine for Multiple Rolls would work for packaging a number of hand bags of Bathroom document in just one big handbag, also an ideal devices for group of people packaging of several hand bags of seasoning,medicine and biscuits, etc.

Principal Features

1.Dual-push top to bottom sealing gadget, makes the sealing firm and neat

2.Specific gusset product helps make beautiful and neat securing

3.Security clutch system to safeguard the machine and the loaded products

4.PLC management definitely makes the method trustworthy

5.Frequency manage helps make the operation simple and easy

6.Taking on electrical sensitive, accurate and brake cease at fixed position

Specialized Info

Capability: 15 to 20 packages/second(4 6 8 rolls in a single mahcine or 8 10 12 moves in one machine,Pace depends upon the amount of rolls stuffed)

Merchandise dimensions limits:

Size: 150 to 1400mm, Width: 80 to 265mm, Size: 50 to 140mm

Floor space (L x W x H): 6,730 x 1,310 by 1,480mm

Power consumption: 4.24kW, single stage 220V, 50Hz

Web excess weight: 1,100kg