The stretch hood machine-SERIES

High production charges as high as 120 pallet lots hourly

Before stretchin, superior top film hood seal results from having one machine cycle to cureg

Trademarked film stretch method – overstretch of film achieves reduced original pressure, correct last pressure

Good film hood opening up method utilizes gusset grips to assure starting of all the movies

Machine can put on equally crystal clear or imprinted stretch hood film for merchandise recognition

Allen-Bradley Manage Program

Are you looking for dependable 5-sided wrapping of pallet loads

The wrapper COVER-PAL 6000? Stretch Hood Program, using Thimon? trademarked technology, is definitely the new technology of automated stretch hooding technologies. This machine addresses pallet-organised goods on the top and edges, allowing for pallet load storage with powerful ecological security against dust, drinking water and delivery harm that can occur in the course of storage or transport. The COVER-PAL 6000? Stretch is ideal for goods headed for industrial environments ., residence centres, freight and construction back yards.

The stretch hood method begins with a tough welded framework, and can handle a gusseted film loosen up method, a high level hood sizing module along with a hood stretch and application system. Approximately two film moves can provide capacity to hood numerous size pallet loads in the take flight. Numerous infeed, cover location and exit conveyors are offered to fulfill the most difficult software.

This anatomically created machine is designed to help simplicity-of-use, quickly changeover and plant safety goals. Film changeover and threading is easy with negligible film loss. Before being stretched onto the pallet, parallel hood creation and hood wrapping processes improves cycle time while providing the newly heat-sealed plastic hood one full machine cycle to cool and cure. This assures a higher degree of film stretch capability than is usually seen in other stretch hood machines. The technical hood opening program, making use of mechanised grips instead of vacuum dishes, offers a positive pull on the film gussets assuring the correct starting of all the film hoods.

Unique to this particular new technology machine is actually a patented method of film stretching that provides enhanced hooding trustworthiness although handling your loads in a less and gentle crushing manner.

An optional rotating film head uniquely provides capability for the machine to turn the film 90 degrees if the pallet is turned sideways. This gives extra production flexibility regarding accomplishing the stretch hood quickly and dependability.

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