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Usually The One Handed Planet Review included quantitative and qualitative study with a single-handed customers-arm amputees-and a survey of two-handed buyers. The ways in which usually the one-handed individuals interacted with products and packages showed fantastic creativity and offered grist for your bundle design mill.

“By researching the ways that one-given folks use their hands in a different way, we can predict methods to coil packaging machine innovate for…all individuals. You can think of these individuals not as handicapped but as more highly advanced compared to the two-handed world and [offering] a peek into the future of style,” Styring claims.

The one-handed consumers in her study found ways to stabilize and manipulate packages by taking the components of their single hand and applying them to different tasks. They might cup a bottle in between their palm as well as 2 small fingertips and unscrew the lid making use of their other fingers and thumb, for instance. Or they could place the package in between themselves as well as a counter-top, or in between their knee joints, to balance it for opening up.

By studying these types of one-handed consumer-package interactions, Styring came up with numerous innovation platforms to help designers create packages and products that are easier to use with one hand and don’t make a mess when opened, as can happen with a lightweight beverage bottle or yogurt pouch.

One-handed stabilization and manipulation is certainly one development program; quite simply, designing coil packaging machine geared to dividing the labour of a single hands into numerous jobs. An additional development platform is exactly what Styring telephone calls “friendly friction”: utilizing surface rubbing to stop packages from moving on the kitchen counter or desk.

Another innovation system is “selective solidity.” A good example could be fins smartly positioned inside of into a water bottle to keep it from collapsing when opened up with one particular hand.