wrapping machine parts.


Auto coil packaging machine Stacking Machines

1.effortless consider the finish product of roll forming machine

2.very easy to function and control

With synchronizing travel and prior production, high effectiveness,The development line is managed by computer immediately.

The auto stacker might be 8-12 m to the fall and downward funcation or the 16-20 m for your transferring side-by-side.


Specialized data

1runout electric motor power0.75KW

2)max speed36m/minutes

3max stacking span 12m/6m

4max stacking thickness300mm

5max stacking weight: 2 plenty

5)frequency system brought in from Korea LG

6)pc PLC .modles7-200,Simens

7computer functioning display is TD200 from Simens

Sending– rolls productivity—- moves shifting—sheet access—page getting—-productivity

Our intelligent stacker have 2 types: one is 12m along with the other the initial one is 6m.

we can layout it depend upon buyer require


All items will likely be delivered to your region, containers amount will likely be made the decision with the amount of devices could you opt for

Setting up the machine

According to the layout and prepared for the commissioning the individual components of the machine are installed.

Cellular phone includes:

– Installing by Suhang service experts.

– The following solutions are included:

– Installing of the machine elements.

– Change of the coil wrapping machine components.

– Link of all the motors to the manage drawer.

– Installation of the necessary security devices.

Shipping and delivery magnitude is not going to include of:

– Multimedia source (electrics, and so forth. )for the machine(manage drawer)

– Unprocessed material, approach material

– Natural material for analyze

– Move and raising products

– Auxiliary employees.

The operators of the plant should be present during the installation in order to become familiar with the new machines.

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