Additional optionally available wrapping machine

The Fhopepack machine is capable of doing work for round the clock low-stop and is very trustworthy. One individual can work two machines even with two various soap designs.

Standard Features:

Pneumatic procedure with PLC manage

Automated pick and put into film wrapping iris

Automated film ” spin ” and seal off

Auto very hot click cutting

Surplus film rewind

Automated brand software (option)

Subject to total dimensions range, can pack various model of soap without transform of tooling

Simple to run

Fold wrapping machines blend the concepts of overwrap and lot wrapping machines to generate a series of packaging machines getting the ability to fold material about rectangle-shaped or rounded meals products, and provide a base close off. Common items capable of being packed in this manner incorporatesausages and cheeses, minced meats prevents and so on. Burnley can provide machines with recommended change parts to enable variation in the dimensions of these products becoming manufactured.

Additional recommended bonuses feature an built-in refrigeration unit, supplying a cooling plate in the discharge buckle following sealing, and heat guns to shrink the finishes from the packs, where shrink film can be used.

fold wrapper 02

At Fhope packaging machine and Packaging we now have an extensive variety of machine models at our convenience. This, combined with our wide ranging experience with the packaging business, allow us to provide customized answers to your packaging apps. Why not give us a call with details of your preferences, and provide us the opportunity to display what we will offer?