Brand Defense by stretch packing

Sunlight Chemical’s taggant answer for orbital stretch wrapper packaging contains Verigard technologies, which provides a fasten-and-important procedure for getting and authenticating brand name orbital stretch wrapper packaging and documents of worth. Using machine-understandable taggants and viewers available only from Sunlight Substance, this is a very effective system of covert marking and confirmation both for noticeable and invisible ink software.


No brand name manager are able to afford not to make endeavours to enhance the ecological efficiency in their orbital stretch wrapper packaging. Consumers nowadays need that this brands they purchase show a persistence for reducing their ecological influence, and retail industry orbital stretch wrapper packaging is quite much in the front line.

The drive towards improved sustainability takes a holistic review of production and printing functions; very careful choice of orbital stretch wrapper packaging materials and consumables; consideration of orbital stretch wrapper packaging structures and formats to lessen materials; lessening spend at every stage within the supply chain; and cautious vetting of suppliers’ environment performance and improvement.

With downward tension on margins for almost all brand name users, the very best obstacle is usually to reduce enviromentally friendly footprint by means of price-neutral changes to working methods, materials and consumables.

Somebody like Sunshine Compound, with competences proper down the orbital stretch wrapper packaging supply chain from strategy to buyer, may offer brand name managers an array of functional options that influence really on the enviromentally friendly footprint with their item orbital stretch wrapper packaging.

Sunlight Chemical’s approach is just one of eco-efficiency – meaning that, by approaching each and every aspect of main and secondary orbital stretch wrapper packaging having a look at to enhancing effectiveness and usefulness, brand name managers can be helped by quantifiable enhancements to environment efficiency.

Sunlight Substance coatings and inks are continuously created to optimize the total amount in between usefulness and environmental overall performance, and to adhere to – or exceed – regulatory requirements.

Over its variety of inks and coatings, Sunlight Substance aims to reduce or get rid of erratic organic compounds (VOCs), to bring solvent-totally free methods to market place where possible, and also to present ink for compostable orbital stretch wrapper packaging where proper.