entire life of our own coil wrapping machines

Primary Technological Info:

Dimensions: 9400*1300*1400mm

Body weight: 7000kg

Capability: 18.5kw

Hydraulic Motor: 3.7kw

Voltage: 380V/50HZ /3PH

Roll Pace: 12m/minutes

Curler Stations: 17

Sheet Fullness: 3.0mm

Popular use and test machine making use of: 3.0mm

Patience: ±1mm

Use :

This machine develop steel guide rail, which are used for guide rail of production line work shop entry doors along with other retail outlet entrance doors. It is convenient for installation, low-sound and straightforward for servicing. The test span is adjust through PLC handle system.

Use :

The purlin machine can generate a lot of sizes C/Z purlin(60-250,80-300…),

They can be popular as the supporter of wall and roof in huge-scale and the middle of-scale design,.and our intelligent C purlin machines can instantly replacing purlins’ model number.,have a superior velocity(20M/minutes).

Feature In Our Machines:

1.Ourcoil wrapping machines can makes use of galvanized metal page, shaded armor platter or aluminium dish as the fabric dish.

2. Handling by computer, PLC exhibit, functioning is not difficult, working is constant and dependable,endurable, upkeep-totally free

3. According to customer’s request we can make and design will kinds of roll forming machine.

Founded in 2004, located in coastal metropolis-Xiamen, is a professional producer of roll developing machines.We now have the designers with unique experience on model of roll creatingcoil wrapping machines, and still have an expert crew on production and service. we pay more attention to create our modern technology to meet the current market prerequisite and involved in delivering innovative , straightforward procedure and finest cost products to the consumers.

Currently, our primary items incorporate PU Foaming coil wrapping Machine, Automated C/Z Purlin

Machine, Roof top/Walls Panel Machine, Curving/Affect-twisting Machine,Influx Panel Machine,

Floor tile Roofing/Curving Ridge-cover Machine, Ground Decking Machine,Shutter Entrance Machine, Stud/Head wear Machine and so forth. Our machines have already been exported to over 20 countries around the world,

including Philippines,Indonesia, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Ireland, Malaysia and IraqLibya etc.

PLC computer handle product is commonly used inside our coil wrapping machines. The entire method procedure and reducing can also work quickly ,like the quantity of set , the amount of length and pieces, without having guidebook involvement.

“Best Quality, Greatest Purchase Service” is definitely the very long-time function of our organization.