High packaging performance

High packaging performance automatic die-cutting machine / automatic die-cutting machine (ISO9001 quality certification)
Type: SH-1050 type
Technical parameters
Maximum size: 1050 x 740mm
Minimum size: 400 x 360mm
Applicable scope: 80-1200 grams of paper
Corrugated cardboard thickness: less than 4mm
The maximum cutting range: 1040 x 730mm
Maximum working pressure: 300 tons
The machine maximum speed: 7500 RPM / h (typesetting, paper factors and operational factors as die-cutting products may be)
The minimum edge size: 9.mm
The stretch wrapping machine /UV machine / Auto polishing machine / automatic UV polishing machine is introduced
Printing paper surface coated with UV oil, enhanced printing paper products beautiful and bright
1 to achieve the best coating effect, use of the machine oil metering roller, rubber roller to the operation and to control the amount of coating.
2 of the cylinder and is provided with a walk to clear and prevent oil scraper overflow, steel roll in under it is also a two scraping knife to remove excess oil U.
3 the adjusting handle is arranged on the external side of easy operation.
Full automatic high speed vertical laminating machine
Technical parameters
1 suitable for water-based glue / oily glue / pre coating
2 heating methods: hot water type
Kerosene type
3 enter the paper size: standard type – 910 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
Extended models – 1250 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
1300 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
1450 mm long x wide and 1080 mm
4 the thickness of the paper:100g/ square meters – 600 g/ square meters

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