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How to solve the problem of improper temperature operation of heat shrink packaging machine

L-Bar Shrinking Machine  When using heat shrink packaging machines, there are often problems with poor temperature control operations, such as slow temperature rise or inability to heat up. This is a problem that cannot be avoided during operation, and it is more common and easy to solve. This requires us to understand the working performance of the heat shrink packaging machine, the heating principle, find out the problem, and analyze the problem. This can better and more comprehensively solve problems for customers in all aspects, and also promote the understanding of technical knowledge in this area. When something goes wrong, you can carry out some relatively simple maintenance inspections before the after-sale arrives to avoid unnecessary economic losses caused by the production line’s failure to operate normally.

So how should the heat shrink packaging machine operate improperly? First of all, let’s start with the working principle of heat shrink packaging machine. The heat shrink packaging machine is heated by the heater used on the machine. A magnetic switch goes to the electric heating tube. If you encounter a problem, you should check whether the connection points of the magnetic switch are normal. Maybe the line does not pass through one of the phases, the temperature will not rise or the temperature will rise slowly. If the magnetic switch is normal, check the meter again to see if the phase and the ohmic value of the machine are the same. Until you find the reason.
If you cannot find the cause of the fault in the above way, it may be due to a short circuit. If all phases are connected but the line or electric heating tube is still abnormal, the heater needs to be replaced.

The above is how to solve the problem of improper temperature operation of heat shrink packaging machine. We Fengding Machinery has many applications and knowledge of heat shrink packaging machine. Welcome to call us at any time to understand the use of heat shrink packaging machine.

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