RFQ part number for products

Please ignore this email if below RFQ part number is not under your product range or scope of business.


Kindly provide your best discounted quote & lead time for attached drawing and specification with mandatory mentioned requirements..
We kindly request you to provide your best pricing offer with discount.steel tube orbital wrapper

RFQ Validity: 26/08/2020

Please note :
· Alternate parts may be offered provided they are fully interchangeable in fit form and function, applicable to Qatar airways fleet and should be substantiated by supporting documentation.
· Pricing should be applicable for the latest PNs, please ensure to mention MOQ or MLV, if applicable.
· Prices should be firm as per the quote and irrespective of the delivery date.
· All units supplied shall be FNEW with all latest required Modifications & SB’S incorporated.
· The Supplier undertakes to ensure that, whenever applicable, the part described above meets with the latest Airframe Manufacturer’s ETOPS requirement.
· The Seller agrees to the Buyer that items (Spares/Equipment/Tool) procured under this quote shall at the time of delivery to the Buyer be in compliance to the latest modification standards including knowledge of modification’s defined by the airframe/engine manufacturer. Buyer’s remedy and Seller’s obligation and liability under this quote are limited to the full modification, replacement, exchange or correction, at Seller’s sole expense (including expenses associated to both way transportation), of any Seller’s Spares/Equipment/Tool, which are not up to the latest standards.

Your immediate reply is greatly appreciated.

If you have any queries or clarifications please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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