slitting coil packagign machine line

Slitting coil packagign machine line could method the coil based on users’ necessity.

Slitting line is utilized to uncoil and level the coil plate, slit the metal dish by rotary shearing system, then recoil the plate by recoiler, as lastpack the coil.

Techncial method:

Reloading coil-Uncoiling-Eveling-Slicing ends-Rotary shearing-Accumulator-Separate device-Pressure coil-Recoiling.

The slitting line can be used to uncoil, slit and recoil the slit strip into the required thickness coil. Handy procedure, substantial cutting top quality, substantial usage price of components, stepless reducing velocity legislation.

1). Several coils could be preplaced in the loading station to improve operating effectiveness.

2). This uncoiling device of our own slitting line adopts a hydraulic collapsible drum, which does no damage to the sublayer of the material. It can do performing tensile uncoiling or handbook substance unloading, which successfully stops the content from deflecting and scraping.

3). Equally solitary-brain and dual head kind uncoiling units are available.

4.Slitting Device

It is utilized to slit steel coil to slim pieces with higher handling speed and accuracy.

1).The slitting mind arbors are set in eccentric sleeves. If the blade has just been polished, the slitting angle remains unchanged.

2).This slitting coil packagign machine line has two slitter heads.While the initial one is working on line, kives setting up can be achieved in the other, which can tremendously eliminate creation downtime. As a result, this slitting line carries out slitting and blade changing simultaneously. This greatly boosts the working efficiency.

3). Hydraulic locknuts could be used for increased blade placing preciseness.

It is actually employed to small in the slitting strip and cause recoiler properly.

1).Two preseparation products are installed for this pressure system. The disengaging shaft may be transversely removed for quicker changing of separating dishes.

2).It possesses a friction sort tensile functioning table. The adjustable tensile may be available from hydraulic energy or pneumatic energy.

3).Our slitting coil packagign machine line may also be equipped with a roller sort tightening machine, which can be ideal for supplies with coated surface areas, and definately will not kept scratches .