November 2014

The new Fhopepack 300

The brand new Fhopepack 300 is the result of ULMA’s commitment to advancement and scientific advancement. This continuing process has provided rise to the new Fhopepack 300 within the range of rotary jaw bone packaging machines. The brand new Fhopepack 300 alternatives the earlier family of base film rotary jaw packaging machines, increasing the knowledge, …

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Fhopepack Hello-Technical model

Fhopepack Hello-Technical design represents the product with the highest modern technology amongst ULMA horizontal packing machines. It contains a multi-shaft digital control which synchronises the primary actions from the a few principal shafts from the machine. This electronic digital control gives the machine high versatility and flexibility in item adjustments and also perfect dynamics in …

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Horizontal wrapping Type

ULMA is taking a step forward in providing an electronic motion control facility on its entire range of horizontal Flow-wrap machines, as a leading packaging machinery manufacturer. In the new version in the Fhopepack, low-end Horizontal wrapping Form Fill and Seal off machine, ,an entirely digital movement manage product is incorporated. The main qualities of …

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Horizontal wrapping Form

As a leading packaging machinery manufacturer, Fhope is taking a step forward in providing an electronic motion control facility on its entire range of horizontal Flow-wrap machines. Inside the new edition from the Fhopepack, basic level Horizontal wrapping Develop Fill up and Seal machine, ,a completely electronic digital motion control system is included. The primary …

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These Fhopepack tunnels

The single length tamper band heat product is mounted on a stainless-steel body with wide open mesh guards. Hand wheels sited away from guards for security and convenience enable the heat delivery manifolds to get modified to ensure these are in the ideal shrinking position for various diameters and heights of items. Warmth is supplied …

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well certified packaging

You need to appreciateinventors and entrepreneurs, even tinkerers, particularly those within the packaging market. Every single day, month after month, occasionally every year, they doggedly go after a much better packaging mousetrap. Marching in secure step with these intrepid designers of the up coming big thing in packaging are legions of properly qualified packaging designers …

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