Qualities:Steel tube packing machine


You can use it to pack fluid item including milk products ,juice, ketchup ,mixture,shampoo and detergent, softener etc. up to 1000ml.


The automatic steel tube packing machine can automated finish off bagforming and filling, easy rip level producing, print day, finished handbag discharged. Reclosable zipper, nitrogen eliminating, special case Round, hole and shape part punching are optionally available.


1) simple and fast realignment of alter above, the machine has durability extensibility, could load two or maybe more products into a single handbag by added filling up product .

2) smooth efficiency and lower noise, perfect package deal physical appearance, Smart security unit and no air pollution throughout manufacturing to obtain Warm and friendly operating surroundings

1. Featured with small construction , secure , easy to operate and easy to keep .

2. Embrace programmable control program , very large touch-screen

3. Servo film conveyer system is showcased with correct placing , nice looking .

4. Finish off instantly all procedures , from calculating , satisfying , bag making , date-printing and finished merchandise conveyance.

5. According to custome, turn-out function for single bag or several linked bags is available r

condition .

Creation Launch

Ovum Tray Machine (pulp moulding machine) uses waste paper as uncooked substance also it can create different kinds of products based on your requirements,such as egg cell trays/recipes ,egg cartons/bins,fresh fruits trays,commercial containers,seeding trays and little products deals ,and so forth. These products made by our automatic steel tube packing machine are up to the environment specifications.

Our machine we supply is really a whole machine creation line from pulp creating program ,creating system and drying program.

A few of the Positive aspects

1.the machine is easy to operate

2.it really is ecological protection

3.it only require a tiny work shop

4.making use is great, you just change the mould , you can get all kinds of trays

5.it has a little invest



1.What kinds of machines do you produce?

We create

(1)pulp moulding machines,egg dish machines,ovum automatic steel tube packing packing machines,egg cell box/carton machines,fresh fruit holder machines,industrial machines, seeding holder machines .as well as the whole production line etc

(2)all kinds of moulds ,like ovum dish moulds,egg cell container/carton moulds, fresh fruit dish moulds,seeding tray moulds,commercial moulds etc.

(3)drying line

2.What capacity hourly would you offer you ?

Our machines’ capability originates from 3000-6000pcs/hr.

3.Do your product or service have a warranty ?

Indeed , we now have twelve months warrantee according the worldwide practice.

4.Can One modify this type of merchandise from your factory?

Yes ,we provide customized-created company to our clients, you have to provide us some examples,including pictures,dimensions and so on.

5.Could you produce a small value?

Indeed,we are the producer, on the exact same time we ensure the high quality, we provides you with a lesser cost.

6.How you can set up?

The seller dispatches designers to buyer’s factory. Buyer ought to help set up, Seller accounts for installment, training and testing for thirty days, the customer need to make sure the safety from the engineers

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