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The ProSense SLT range submersible level detectors in addition provide a 4-20 mA productivity sign compatible with PLCs, panel meters, information loggers, and other digital equipment.

The SLT1 collection comes in cable lengths starting from 30 feet to 140 ft along with sensing can vary of -5 psig to -50 psig.

The SLT2 range provides stability and longevity in unpleasant environments, and comes in cable measures including 30 feet to 100 ft, with sensing ranges of -5 psig to -30 psig.

Both styles are fitted by using a shielded cable containing an atmospheric vent tube as well as a tough polyurethane jacket, which includes an exclusive “water block” liner beneath the jacket. The cable is linked to the sensor employing an above-molding procedure to prevent dampness intrusion.

Available add-ons incorporate: a desiccant vent filter to prevent moisture content from going into the vent hose and harming transmitters with vented gage research stress; aneroid bellows which go up and down with modifications in atmospheric tension to maintain a constant barometric reference; junction boxes to provide a drinking water-proof housing for electrically linking the transmitter cable on the user’s method through a terminal strip; and substitute nasal area hats to shield the sensing diaphragm.

Suited to programs such as elevate station keeping track of, development by-complete pumping, tank liquefiedwastewater and level, and slurry container fluid degree management, the ProSense SLT collection submersible level transmitters are made in the united states. All detectors are backed having a a single-12 months guarantee, involve UL and FM dangerous spot approvals for intrinsically risk-free apps and therefore are CE labeled.

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