Whole line working

echnical variables:

Method: placed goods on conveyor belt by hand- automatic considering machine’s detection indicate is transported to the genuine-time print marking wrapping machine (excess weight of things)- marking- conveyor line- unpacking- unnatural wrapping packing- Carton Labeling (genuine-time publishing)- Folding and Closing instantly- No strength curler

Complete line working speed: 1-2 container /min

Total line potential is approximately: 3KW, 220V/50HZ

Essential workers inside the Total coil packaging line: 2-3 persons, minimize the effort power and enhance generation efficiency

The level size of creation running flooring is easy to customize, generally 600mm, variable variety is 50-100mm.

manufacturing line document:

The automated coil packaging lines consist of intelligent packing , automatic closing, automated analyzing in addition True-time print out labeling as well as other capabilities. A variety of application, little floor area, simple functioning, steady performance. Can help reduce labor and improve output, lower generation charges. Preferred by lots of huge well known home-based enterprises. According to customer’s wrapping packaging requirement and also can personalize the production and design.

appropriate variety:

Popular in household food, textiles and appliances standard products, other, beverage and medicine market sectors. The first option to obtain real-time generating marking of various coil and products packaging line