The automatic coil packaging lines

generation line outline:

The automatic coil packaging lines incorporate intelligent separating, intelligent keeping track of, automated reducing and sealing and treatment right after packing. A wide range of program, little floor area, easy procedure, secure overall performance. Can greatly reduce work and increase efficiency, decrease generation charges. Selected by a large number of huge popular residential businesses. And also can personalize the design and production according to customer’s packaging requirement.

The following are the characteristics in the this combocoil wrapping machine:

1,the international substantial-tech and shipped in parts.

With this greater than ten years of sharpening, devoted investigation and absorbing, experience and introducing Germany, Japan, Italy and other global superior technology, and taking advantage of imported elements, brought in power factors and pneumatic components.

2, auto L-kind securing and cuttingcoil wrapping machine:

A totally intelligent unmanned operation L-kind sealing and decreasing coil wrappingmachine, popular inside thecoil wrapping packaging manufacturing assemblage-line, substantial effectiveness, auto sending film and punching, auto reducing and closing, only need to physically change the guide method and conveyor platform for a variety of height and width in the product.

3,excellent mixture, successful cutting securing shrink:

shipped in photoelectric discovery, every band of horizontal and vertical recognition, useful to change selection. For thin and small packaging, can certainly complete securing coil wrapping packaging functions;

Auto serving, span could be adapt instantly via a mix of electric powered eyesight and clock, built with an induction engine, automated use up the spend.

When coil packaging size modifications, it is rather simple to change and no reason to change the bag and mold maker.

Can also mix and match different sizing goods for packaging in order to meet the marketing result.

Shrink, Sealing and cuttingcoil Packaging is ongoing automatic completed, dependable overall performance, preserving manpower, trustworthy quality, great productivity contraction, powerful applicability;

Great charge economical, performance and durable, ideal for decreasing sealing of POF, Pvc material temperature shrink film.

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