steel coil packaging modelsTest coil packaging machine

This device operates every one of the features of coil packaging machine tunnel segment sensor; In addition, it will also know the front and back area sizes, blasthole sign, around rock convergence measuring and other functions. This makes the job from the construction units and supervision products less difficult in tunnel construction and tunnel assessment.

Merchandise functions:

l Recognize the front and rear tunnel portion quickly;

l Deformation measurements: such as convergence measuring;

l Gentle-spot (blasthole) indication and tunnel shape sampling.

Primary characteristics:

lHigh-pace location array CCD ; two-dimensional measurements;

lHigh-pace dimension for vibrant measurement;

lStatic deflection detec

lAccomplishment of two-dimensional sizes in both static and dynamic way of measuring; Able to true-time screen tion approximately 20 factors(two-measurement;

lMulti-stage static calculating mode; gauging points are approximately 20 points;


lAccomplishment of two-dimensional sizes both in dynamic and static way of measuring; Capable of actual-time display and storage quickly;

lWireless handheld remote control focus on;


The device is designed and made as per Nationwide Normal GB/T 261 Check Methods for Display Point of Oil Products (Shut Glass Technique). It can be suitable to discover the cheapest heat at which the mix of petrol merchandise vapor and air relationships flashes and fire when warming petroleum product inside a shut down glass under stipulated condition. The temperature is sealed glass flash level.

Main practical parameters and specification

1. Power supply: Air conditioning 220 V±10Percent, 50 Hz

2. Heating system product:

(1) The furnace is created by silicon carbonized materials

(2) Home heating potential is from to 600 W, adjustable.

3. Heat growing pace: 112 /min

4. Mixing device:

(1) Stirring motor unit: Kind 45TYZ continuous rate engine

(2) Motivated method: Delicate shaft

(3) Stirring blade: 8×40 (millimeters)

5. Regular oil mug:

(1) Inner diameter: 50.8 millimeters

(2) Depth: 56 millimeters

(3) Check essential oil symbol: 34.2 mm

(4) Examination essential oil cubage: about 70 mL

6. Ignition system:

(1) Ignition provider: Coal gas

(2) Size of igniter: .8 mm

7. Temperature gauge:

(1) Collection: -30170 , graduation is 1

(2) Array: 100300 , graduating is 1

8. Ambient temp: ≤35

9. Relative dampness: ≤85Percent

10. Full power intake: not more than 650 W

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