Steel Metal Coil Up-Ender

A steel coil upender is a machine used to flip or rotate steel coils from a horizontal to a vertical position, or vice versa. This type of equipment is commonly used in steel mills and warehouses to safely and efficiently handle steel coils during storage and transportation. Upenders typically use hydraulic or mechanical means to lift and rotate the steel coils, and they are typically designed to handle coils of varying sizes and weights.

A coil flipper is a machine used to rotate steel coils by 90 degrees. It is typically used in steel mills and warehouses to change the orientation of steel coils in order to facilitate loading, unloading, and handling.

A coil flipper typically has a mechanism to grip the steel coil, lift it from its horizontal position, rotate it to a vertical position, and then release it. This process is typically done with a combination of hydraulic and mechanical means, and the machine is designed to handle a range of different steel coil sizes and weights.

It is important to note that The flipper should be capable of handling the weight of the coils to be flipped safely, have safety measures to prevent injury to operators and damage to the equipment and coil. The flipper should be certified for the weight and dimension of the coils it is flipping.


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